foundation mission

The Clarence T. C. Ching Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of Hawaii’s people by partnering with non-profits that support education, healthcare, social services, arts & culture, and innovation & the environment.



Social Services

Arts & Culture

Innovation & Environment

The St. Francis of Assisi Spirit Award Honors The Clarence T. C. Ching Foundation

The Mission Statement includes four goals

(1) To assist in the care of the needy, the destitute, the sick and the aged

(2) To provide scholarship aid and assistance, without regard to amount or need and in the form of grants and loans, to those who demonstrate the capacity and desire to improve themselves or develop their capabilities, in the expectation that such persons will ultimately, by the development of their talents and the realization of their capabilities, contribute to creating a better society

(3) To provide financial grants to qualified persons, associations and institutions for research and study in all fields, including but not limited to the natural sciences, social sciences, art, literature and music for the advancement of knowledge and culture

(4) To assist hospitals and other public charitable or educational institutions which qualify as and are treated as tax-exempt organizations, whether supported wholly or in part by private endowment or by donations or by public taxation, with monetary contributions to defray their cost of operation and other proper expenses incurred by them.

Excerpts From Our Book

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