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Grant Seekers

The Clarence T.C. Ching Foundation considers grant applications from non-profit tax-exempt IRS 501(c)(3) organizations operating in the State of Hawaii, As set forth in the Trust Agreement of The Clarence T. C. Ching Foundation


All grant applications must now be received online. See below for the green box to Apply

Kuakini Foundation

Application Deadline

The Foundation’s Grant Committee meets in March and September of each year. Grant requests for consideration and review by the Committee:

  • at its March meeting, must be received in our offices, no later than January 31st, 4:00 p.m.
  • at its September meeting, must be received in our offices, no later than July 31st, 4:00 p.m.
The Clarence T.C. Ching Foundation WILL consider grant applications for programs or capital projects.

The Clarence T.C. Ching Foundation WILL consider grant applications for programs or capital projects.

The Clarence T.C. Ching Foundation WILL NOT consider grant applications for, but not limited to:
  • Projects outside of the state of Hawaii
  • Projects for which matching funds are borrowed (loans)
  • Individuals
  • Political organizations or candidates
  • Ordinary government services
  • Publications, films, videos
  • Commercial and business development
  • Conferences, seminars
  • Benefit events (table sales or golf tournaments)
  • Annual fund drives
  • Endowments
Hawaii Foodbank

Application Procedure

Applicant must submit the information listed below in our online grant management portal.
  1. Purpose and history of the organization

  2. Full description of the program or project for which funding is being sought, including goals, objectives and the population being served

  3. Current status of the program or project (i.e. date established and anticipated duration)

  4. Amount requested

  5. Payment schedule / time frame for funding requested

  6. Acknowledgement of support/publicity of grant (press release, newsletters, etc.)

  7. Have you applied for a grant from The Clarence T. C. Ching Foundation in the past? If so, indicate date of application, amount requested, and name and description of project and / or program.

  8. Have you received a grant from The Clarence T. C. Ching Foundation in the past? If so, indicate date of agreement, amount, and name and description of the funded project and / or program?

Please attach to your Application, the following additional information:

  • Organization’s annual budget
  • Most recent audited financial statements
  • The program or project showing all sources of funding, separately identified as Received, Committed and Requested, including the amount Requested from The Clarence T. C. Ching Foundation
  • Copy of organization’s IRS Determination Letter, and applicant’s statement affirming that the organization “continues to be recognized by the Federal government as an exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code”; has not withdrawn from this status; and maintains its position as a charitable organization.”

A grant application shall include the following contact information for the organization:

  • Name, email address and phone number of Applicant’s contact person
  • Mailing address and phone number for Applicant (organization)

General Information and Grant Making Guidelines

“The principal of this trust and the income therefrom shall be used exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, literary or educational purposes… the uses and purposes of the Foundation shall include, not exclusively, the following charitable and educational purposes among others:

(1) To assist in the care of needy or destitute men, women, and children, and to assist in the care of the sick and the aged;

(2) To provide scholarship aid and assistance, without regard to amount or need and in the form of grants or loans, to any person who demonstrates the capacity and desire to improve himself or develop his capabilities, in the expectation that such person will ultimately, by the development of his talents and the realization of his capabilities, contribute to creating a better society;

(3) To provide financial grants to qualified persons, associations and institutions for research and study in all fields, including but not limited to the natural sciences, social sciences, art literature, and music for the advancement of knowledge and culture; and

(4) To assist hospitals and other public charitable or educational institutions which qualify as and are treated as tax-exempt organizations, whether supported wholly or in part by private endowment or by donations or by public taxation, with monetary contributions to defray their cost of operation and other proper expenses incurred by them.”

Review Process

The Grant Committee of The Clarence T. C. Ching Foundation holds bi-annual meetings in March and September to review all grant applications and to make recommendations to the Board of Trustees. If the program or project falls within the interests and guidelines of the Foundation, applicant may be advised to submit the following additional information:

  • Identity and qualification of the key personnel
  • Names and affiliation of all directors or trustees
  • Latest financial statements, including most recent audit report
Hale Kipa
A program or project may not be approved even though it meets established criteria. The Board reserves the discretion to award or deny grants, as it deems appropriate and in the best overall interest of the Foundation.

 Completed applications will be discussed at the March and September Board of Trustees meetings.

Applicants will be notified of their disposition within three weeks after the Board meeting.

A grant application accepted for review by the Foundation does not ensure that a grant will be awarded.

An organization that receives a grant from the Foundation will submit a final report upon completion of the grant-funded program or project, which shall include a financial statement outlining the expenditure of the grant dollars and a narrative section describing the outcome and the impact of the funded program or project. Further, Grantee will submit annual reports and interim reports as the Foundation may reasonably request. An organization that fails to submit timely reports may be disqualified from future grant consideration.

For further information, please contact The Clarence T.C. Ching Foundation via email at


The Clarence T.C Ching Foundation makes grants to organizations in one or more of our five focus areas:

  • Education 
  • Healthcare 
  • Social Services 
  • Arts & Culture 
  • Innovation & Environment 

Nonprofit organizations recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 public charity working to advance any of the 5 focus areas listed above that operate in Hawaii qualify for grants from our foundation.  Please note that the Foundation does not make grants to individuals. 

Yes, The Clarence T.C. Ching Foundation only funds organizations that serve the people of Hawaii.

No, the Foundation does not make general operating support grants, but will make specific program grants. 

We accept applications twice a year, by 2 pm on January 31 and July 31.  If the dates fall on a weekend, the application must be received by 2 pm on the previous Friday. 

If you are a grant seeker whose 501(c)3 meets the Foundation’s focus areas, submit an application limited to two to three pages that includes the information requested in the application procedures section.

The grant committee meets in March and September to review all grant applications and decides on the final funding. 

You may call the Foundation staff if you have specific questions regarding the grant application. 

Presentations to the board of trustees are only made upon request by the Foundation. 

Please contact Linda FitzGerald, executive assistant at (808)521-0344. 

No, generally each organization is limited to one active grant at a time.  We also encourage organizations that recently received a grant to wait a few years before applying to the Foundation for another grant. 

We recommend that you wait a year before re-submitting the same request. 

That will depend on the size of the program or project.  The Clarence T.C. Ching Foundation prefers not to be the sole funder of any program or project. Our program grant range from $5,000 to $75,000.  Capital grants will depend on the budget of the capital project, and is generally less than 50% of the project. 

Our grant agreements may include contingencies such as progress reporting, status of securing matching funds, or substantial progress on a construction project. 

You may request an extension on the use of the grant proceeds by submitting the request on the organization’s letterhead to the Foundation.  Such request must be approved by the board of trustees.